1. Preference is given to players who register within the correct time frame as advertised by Lake Cathie FC. All players will need to pay their Registration Fees before playing.
  2. New players who register within the correct time frame are offered positions available after they are filled by returning registered players.
  3. Each Competitive team will have a cut off number of players available to be registered and this number will be displayed. Once that number has been reached then the team is considered full. Any player registering to play in a team that is considered full will be notified that they may not have a position in that team, but may be offered an alternative place in another team. Small sided teams will have open numbers during registration periods, and teams allocated at a later date.
  4. Late Registrations will only be taken for teams with vacancies.
  5. Players should be encouraged to play in their correct age groups and FFA guidelines on this will be followed and playing up will be considered on an individual basis so that the development and wellbeing of the players is paramount, and the decision is made liaising between parents, coaches and Lake Cathie FC Committee.
  6. Players will ideally be evenly distributed across teams in each age group. New players should also be evenly distributed and factors like existing friends can be considered. Lake Cathie FC does not grade teams.
  7. Availability of parents as coach and managers will be considered when allocating players to teams.
  8. The Committee of Lake Cathie FC will make the final determination about the allocation of players within teams.

 FOOTBALL MID NORTH COAST CODES OF CONDUCT & CODES OF FAIR PLAY – for Players, Parents, Spectators, Coaches and more.

CLICK HERE to read all the Codes of  Conduct & Codes of Fair Play that apply to our club.  (This link will open a new page on the Football Mid North Coast website.  Click on the Policies tab to find the Codes of Conduct documents).

Football Federation Australia: Code of Conduct 2016

Football Federation Australia have released an update of the codes of conduct as of March 2016.
Click here to access the full document.