History of the Club

In the year 2001, a team was formed in the under 9s division. The team played for the Port RSL club attaching the word ‘Raiders’ as part of their team name. This was in preparation for the following year in which the anticipation to form a club playing from Lake Cathie.

The two coaches of that team were Victor Stokes and Darren Chelman.

The players from that team included players such as: Benjamin Monaghan, Mitchell Fairey, Samual Gardoll, Jacob Berry, Jake Chelman and Blayney Pilbeam. These players then became part of the inaugural teams of the then ‘Lake Cathie Soccer Club’ for the 2002 season.

With a total of 63 players signing for the club in 2002, 6 teams competed in the colours of Navy and White for the first time in the history of soccer in Lake Cathie.

The board consisted of 5 members: Darren Chelman – President, Victor Stokes – Secretary and board members Geoff Fairey, Glenn Millar and Mick McCloskey.

Also in the inaugural year a total of 20 ‘Foundation members’ donated $100 for the funds to start the club with training gear etc. Those members are:

  1. Victor Stokes
  2. D & K Chelman
  3. GA & DE Fairey
  4. Mick McCloskey
  5. RG & TA Millar
  6. G & SG Roberts
  7. Paul Berry
  8. David Wade
  9. Paul O’Connor
  10. Gregg McDonald
  11. Roy Wilkinson
  12. U & J Tolone
  13. Ghost Road
  14. RH & SC Munro
  15. Terry Schultz
  16. Lake Cathie Bakery
  17. Lake Cathie Real Estate
  18. Raine & Horne Lake Cathie
  19. Russty Bolts Engineering
  20. Magic Seal